Thirdlane Dialer

Thirdlane Dialer 2.0

Thirdlane Dialer - Outlook dialer application for Asterisk based PBXs
2.0.1 (See all)

Thirdlane Dialer is a powerful Outlook dialer and screen pop application for Asterisk based PBXs. Thirdlane Dialer can be configured as MS Outlook add-in, creating an Outlook toolbar that allows a user to easily dial phone numbers found in Outlook contacts and email.

When not used with Outlook, Thirdlane Dialer displays a small floating toolbar and a system tray icon that enable users to quickly dial phone numbers stored in Thirdlane Dialer's internal database—or entered (typed, pasted, etc) in the toolbar. The toolbar fades to semi-transparency when not used for some time.

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